Our dishes

Anyora’s dishes are born of tradition, simplicity, the memory of the kitchen of all life, homemade. The value of the raw material and the careful selection of our suppliers.


Ricardo’s cockles, Alma Marina salted meat, Víver lamb shoulder that Enrique breeds, Los Pedrones cheeses, Balfegó tuna or La Herrerica sausages are just a sample of the importance of the quality of the product in our kitchen?


In our menu the taste for the sea is reflected, heritage of the sailors and fishermen who worked near our coast, but also the richness of the valencian orchard, the best meats of the region or the most delicious homemade desserts. All this without leaving aside the classics of the tavern or the combined dishes. But not everything here is eating …


Wine plays a very important role as a pairing of the different dishes we make in our winery, hence the careful selection of our extensive wine list, all of them organic, natural, biodynamic or friends. Enjoy our natural wines also for drinks. Bon appetit!

Beure bon vi es enteniment,
el que no es bo es beure’l dolent.